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Teen moms face many challenges because they are truly living in two worlds.  They have the desire to be a teenager, yet have all the responsibilities required of motherhood.  They feel alone, and often are abandoned by the significant people in their lives once their child is born.

The world sees a teen mom and her child.  We see a girl who needs Jesus.   YoungLives is about loving teen moms in the midst of the circumstances they're in - no matter what they are.  Because we've experienced mercy, compassion and grace through a relationship with Christ, we desire to love teen moms in the condition they come to us.


Each teen mom is paired with a Mentor Mom - an older adult who can walk along them.  Regardless of the circumstances that surround them becoming a teen mom, our role in YoungLives is to help teen moms navigate the two roles they play and to offer them the gift that is given to us through a relationship with Christ.
Throughout Scripture, Jesus orchestrates fresh starts for lives that seem devastated beyond repair.  YoungLives mentors have the calling to be Christ's hands and heart in the life of a teen mom.
Monroe County YoungLives needs women who will carry out Jesus' promise of hope and healing.  We're looking for mentors who will embrace these moms with the unconditional love of Christ, while helping them discover hope and a future rooted in a solid relationship with Him.

Sweetwater High School

Monroe County YoungLives became active at Sweetwater High School by meeting teen moms in the spring of 2008.  We started YoungLives club in school year (2008-2009).  Unfortunately, SHS has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state.  It became clear to us to focus our ministry on the girls that need us there.  Our vision is to expand to all three high schools in the county once we have enough volunteer support.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping with this vital ministry!
Tellico High School
Club will be starting at Tellico HS in October. Keep watching for more details!

Getting Involved

Ways you can get involved:
Being a mentor means loving a teen mom right where she's at in her life... becoming a trusted friend who models Christ's unconditional love and shows her what life is like when you are walking with Christ.  Teen moms need women to help them have hope and look forward to a future for themselves and their children.
Behind the scenes, committee members support the ministry in many ways.  From raising financial support, to collecting diapers, the committee comes alongside their staff and mentors in invaluable ways that serve the ministry.  Our YoungLives committee is a sub-committee of the Monroe County Young Life Committee.
Young Life relies on support from faithful donors to provide for the needs of teen moms.  Your financial partnership ensures the ministry's growth and allows us to continue the work of investing in the lives of teen moms.
Quality childcare is provided at YoungLives club and other events so that teen moms are able to develop relationships and have some time away.  This is an opportunity to invest in the growth and development of YoungLives children
Special Projects
There are many opportunities to use your gifts in YoungLives!  Providing food or crafts, leading YoungLives clu, organizing donations, providing transportation, teaching childbirth or parenting classes, tutoring, working on fund-raising events and many more!  We'd love to have you serve on the YoungLives team

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